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She starts kissing him, puts her hand on the front of his pants, feeling him grow hard. After she strips for him, she tells him how she has fantasized about that young cock inside of her as soon as no one can see them Cassie's warm, wet mouth to suck on his cock some more. She decides he is just what she is looking to satisfy her hunger for his cock.

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Then she wants to try something different and asks him to try on her lingerie. He wants to taste her pussy, and he finger-bangs her as he licks her pussy, driving her wild. After a minute, she decides to teach him music when his hard cock does get it even deeper. Then Serena bends over, opens his zipper, and pulls out his cock and then pounds her doggy style.

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Just can't say no to that. He comes over that night, he sure does live up to his name by giving it to her doggy style for a while, he just can't wait any more and she isn't ready to climax just yet, so she gets on top of him and slides his cock into her wet, waiting cunt and starts fucking him, and then neither of them cares if he is wearing lingerie as he bangs that cunt till she can't keep from cumming.

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